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Junior Curator Yellowstone Trip Day 7

June 21, 2018

On our final full day in Yellowstone, we explored the last stretches of the boardwalks around Old Faithful. We saw many beautiful and colorful hot springs and geysers, including Anemone Geyser and Castle Geyser.

JCs watching Anemone Geyser

JCs watching Anemone Geyser


Castle Geyser

After that, we departed for Mammoth Hot Springs. We met up with Ranger Matt Ohlen, who specializes in teaching visitors about the history of the park. He shared a ton of stories about the springs; one fascinating story he told was about Ole Anderson, who made souvenirs in Mammoth Hot Springs in the late 1800s. He dipped horseshoes in the springs, where they were coated with travertine, the mineral deposited by the springs which gives the landscape its distinctive bright white color. We explored the mounds and featured hot springs. We learned the difference between mud pots, hot springs, thermal vents, and geysers thanks to a helpful visual demonstration from Ranger Matt.


Mammoth Terraces

Once we headed back from the springs, we got back to our cabins, had a reflection meeting during which we spotted two black bears, three pronghorns, countless ground squirrels, and nest building swallows. The highlight of the day was yet to come, after dinner: ICE CREAM!!!!!!


Our last sunset

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