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iLabs: Pharmaceutical Development series – Season 3 this Fall!

June 4, 2015
Museum board advertising the Drug Development series in the Micro World iLab.

Museum board advertising the Drug Development series in the Micro World iLab.

For 2 years now, we’ve been doing a 4-week series on Drug Development, that covers everything from discovering an interesting plant in the rainforest to post-marketing studies. Our grant from the Biogen Foundation has made these classes possible, and their continued support is allowing us to continue to expand our offerings!

This series on drug development includes activities in high-throughput analysis of possible drug candidates for development, early drug characterization and pre-clinical testing, exercises in genetic engineering transforming E.coli with Green fluorescent protein, chromatography labs, clinical trial-ethics board simulations, and ends with a tour of NC State University’s BTEC (Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center) facility. Students get to see the actual equipment used in drug manufacturing, learn about the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level programs at BTEC, and get to meet a panel of industry professionals who can give guidance on career paths.

These last two years of doing this program have been so successful that the director of the facility has invited us back for a 3rd year!!!

This year we will do something a little different.  Instead of having the classes on weekday mornings, which rules out attendance by public school students, we will be doing the series this Fall on Saturday mornings for the first 3 weeks of the class. The tour will be done on a weekday afternoon from 4-6 p.m. to allow students to come after school.

The class is open to upper middle school through adults. We encourage any adults who are curious about the drug development process to please join us, and we also ask any high school teachers out there to mention this class to interested students. Note to teachers: if there are students with strong interest and financial need, please contact Deb Bailey 

Dates and times will be posted in August around August 10th, so you’ll be able to sign up at that time.

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