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#BugSnap: Submit your photos today.

August 26, 2014


Viewing bugs through a different lens.

This year we are embracing social media for BugFest and want to see how you capture photos of bugs, the big and the small. We recently launched our new education Twitter account @NatSciLearn and we want to see how you capture the beauty of bugs in your local park, your backyard, school, or even in the office, whether your photos are taken via Instagram, smartphone or traditional camera.

How To Submit:

1.  Compose tweet to @NatSciLearn with a brief description of the bug and where you found it and the hashtag #BugSnap.

2. Upload your photo and publish your tweet.

3. Please submit original work.

4. We will retweet several a day for all the world to see in the days leading up to BugFest.

5. We ask that no bugs be are harmed in the process.

BugFest is just around the corner so get snapping! 


Here is an example:


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