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iLabs: Popcorn, Marathons, and the…Periodic Table of Elements?

July 28, 2014

It’s a rainy Saturday, you aren’t sure what to do with a day off, and they’re not doing an NCIS marathon on TV…Well, check this out instead!!

We’re going to be doing some chemistry classes this year in the Micro World iLab, and the Natural World iLab with Bob Alderink, and the Periodic Table will be popping up now and then.

Now DON’T start yawning.  The Periodic Table of Elements can be cool.  Yes, you heard me, COOL!

In case you doubt me, here’s a link to a YouTube series called The Periodic Table of Videos, done with staff at the University of Nottingham, that might just change your mind. And a thank you to Matthew Faerber of the Visual World Investigate Lab for tipping us off to these.

The mastermind behind these YouTube videos is Brady Haran, a BBC-trained videojournalist.  One of the main presenters is Professor Martyn Poliakoff, who looks like a slightly wild Einstein.

Here’s their 500th video:


We’ll be getting into a lot of things “chemistry” this year and proving to you that chemistry CAN be fun. (After all, we’re even going to do a Thursday night class this year on “The Chemistry of Twinkies!”)  Hence it might be fun to tap into the these as a way to get started.

So get some popcorn, bring this series up on your TV, sit back, and enjoy!





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