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iLabs: The Ferocious Planaria … at Least if You’re a Dead Mayfly…

June 29, 2014

One of our volunteers, Todd Folsom,  snapped these shots.  They show a number of “cute-looking” Planaria, with their typical “cross-eyed” look, appearing to hide behind a dead mayfly. 

In reality, they are actually eating the dead mayfly — cleaning up after dead organisms is part of their job after all, and they do it well.  Their mouth is not up near the eyespots, but in fact in the middle of their body. Hence they are actually eating when they seem to be hiding behind the mayfly.

In any event, enjoy the photos — he has some good ones here. And remember to stop by our lab as we have quite a wide range of microscopic aquatic invertebrates and protozoa that you can view on our EVOS research microscope.

And be sure to ask about our newest microscopic activity:


More to follow on that in a later post. For now, Planarians having a feast!


now three are on the mayfly IMGP0590 IMGP0591 IMGP0595 at least four on the carcass IMGP0598 overview of the flatworm crowd IMGP0603 another flatworm on the right wants to join in. six are visible now a view of the feeding frenzy

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