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iLabs: GoPro Hero 3+ Action Cam Joins the Micro World!!

June 27, 2014

To continue with our return to the digital space, we have another addition to our lab to show off, a GoPro Hero 3+ Action Cam!!!

goPro action cam goPro action cam 2

Purchased with funds from last year’s Biogen Idec Foundation $100,000 grant to our Museum (again, more on that in another posting), our GoPro will be busy capturing everything from people and activities to clips from our classes.  We’ll even be stalking the fish and snails inside our lab aquarium.  And rumor has it we may be joined later this summer/fall by another, VERY SPECIAL, lab resident, and if so, you’ll get firsthand images of that creature in action.

So keep your eyes on this space for upcoming visuals!

In the meantime, here is the GoPro’s debut — our lab Coordinator, Christy Flint, accompanied the Museum’s Prairie Ridge Ecostation Educator, Kim Smart, and 10 Educators of Excellence to Ecuador, where they visited many areas and villages and got to see firsthand the work of the Heifer International organization.  So I leave you with some footage of their experiences!!

Fish-stealing frigate birds:

and Humpback Whales:

(*Note: the Fish-stealing frigate birds was taken by the GoPro; the whales were taken by a smart phone; in later posts we’ll see more of the GoPro action in Ecuador)



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