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Rain, Rain, Go Away

June 16, 2014

Sleeping in until 6:15 and having a hot cafeteria breakfast; a luxury afforded to few. We dined on an array of scrambled eggs, oatmeal and breakfast burritos. We piled into the vans, and set course for West Thumb; arriving shortly, we began our leisurely stroll down the boardwalk. After stopping to harangue some tourist who had deviated from the path (this was not the only time), we were enthralled with Kathryn’s biology lesson on PCR (polymerase chain reaction). We saw a bull elk grazing in the geyser basin, and a rare sighting of a Snowshoe Hare. After a cacophony of camera snaps we loaded up in the van and set our sights on hiking to Lone Star Geyser. After packing our lunches in a quiet corner of the woods we began the final leg of our journey to the trailhead. On our way we stopped to appreciate the leeches at the Continental Divide.

The huge rainstorm hit just in time for our photo at the Continental Divide.

The huge rainstorm hit just in time for our photo at the Continental Divide.

Then . . . disaster struck, a torrential downpour filled the rivers and flooded the plains; our plans were foiled! We sulked to the nearest shelter, the Old Faithful visitor center, to rejuvenate and regroup. Having productively perused the museum, and witnessed one of the natural wonders of the world, Old Faithful’s eruption, we were elated to be served a hot lunch at a diner somewhere in the park. Melissa and Kathryn contrived a secret plan, and unbeknownst to us we headed to Thumper (Black Sand Pool [a hot spring]). We enjoyed a quiet moment lying in the black sand listening to thumping heart beat of Thumper. After this refreshing interlude we set out to investigate more thermal features of the park.

Our first stop was at Grand Prismatic, the seminal hot spring of Yellowstone. We were told that it is one of the most breathtaking spectacles known to man. . . Unfortunately it was raining again, torrentially. Our experience consisted of a mixture of blasts of 100 degree steam and 20 degree rain, and the landscape was littered with an array of hats blown off by the 23 MPH winds. As we returned to our transport the sky cleared, leaving a behind a sucker hole [Def: a lapse in inclement weather that causes people to go out without the proper attire] which we fully exploited, enjoying the amazing conglomerate of thermal features at Fountain Paint pots. It was an impressive display of mother Gaia’s power. We were awed by the bubbling paint, deafened by the lion’s roar of the fumerole, and intrigued by the rocketing geyser. Our day was wrapped up by an evening sprint to catch the eruption of the Grand Geyser, however we missed the eruption.

Clepsydra geyser

Clepsydra geyser.

Now we sit in front of a warm fire with full stomachs, recanting this tale to you.

Team Wolf signing off.

Marianna Berry
Shannyn Varghese
Alasdair Johnson

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  1. megan permalink
    June 17, 2014 2:53 pm

    While you guys have been away, the new movie- How to Train your Dragon 2 – came out… I highly recommend watching it when you get back as a way to reconnect to “Dragon’s Mouth” and Thumper… As a bonus, Toothless the main dragon looks like a combination of a salamander (!!! yess!!!!) and a cat, yet has reptilian features like scales and claws, and the bonus awesomeness of ability to spit fire and supersonic blasts (also wings…did I mention wings?).

  2. Yvonne Varghese permalink
    June 17, 2014 6:31 pm

    I’m really enjoying this, you guys are such great bloggers!!!

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