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iLabs: Micro World Family Science, and Workshop programs are Up on the Web!!

August 31, 2013

They’re UP!!!!!!  Yes, that’s right, our 2013-2014 set of programs for families, and our Thursday night workshops are all up on the web and ready for registration!!!!

Through the very diligent efforts and hard work of our scheduling coordinator, Debbie Huston, all of our Family Science (Tues and Sat morning) and Workshop (Thursday night) classes were loaded onto the website and now ready for registration!!!!!!!

A BIG thank you to Debbie.  And I must note that whenever you call for information, she is the very pleasant and helpful person people at the other end of the line.  She is the “force behind the scenes,” without which our programs would not run. So just to give credit where credit is due….she makes it look simple and run effortlessly, through a lot of effort and hard work on her part. So thank you, to Debbie Huston.

Now, to find all of our programs for the entire year, go the the website, select Programs & Events, then “Advanced Search” and on that page, simply go to the “Keyword(s)” line and type in the words: Micro World. That will bring up a few of the Visual World Classes (not sure why), and all of ours.  Just click on a class title, and the program description, details, costs, and registration links will come up.

Class select screenshot 9 1 13

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you all this year!!!!

All classes made possible through a generous grant by the Biogen Idec Foundation!


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