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iLabs: Amazing Milestone! Check Out Our Numbers!

January 11, 2013

Just a bit of a “celebration of milestones.”  My supervisor and partner-in-creativity in the Micro World Investigate Lab, Christy Flint, compiled some end-of-the-year statistics.  These show that we have NOT been idle, nor has our visiting public:

The Museum’s one millionth visitor inspired me to compile the visitor statistics for the Micro World Investigate Lab. No wonder Deb and I are tired but satisfied!

Since opening in April and through the end of December, the Micro World Investigate Lab has:

  • Welcomed 36,776 visitors to the lab during its 1,112 public hours
  • Presented 75 programs to 1,599 participants

So we thought you would like to know that our lab has been a smashing success.  We thank all of you for your interest and visits and hope to see you all (as well as new visitors) back in our lab very soon!  We will do our best to continue to offer new and quality educational programs and have lots of ideas for the future. So stay tuned and keep coming!

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