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iLabs: Micro World Lab Classes and “Strange Bedfellows”

December 13, 2012 defines the term “Strange Bedfellows” as:

Unlikely companions or allies; often used in the phrase “politics makes strange bedfellows.”

We like to employ that very concept in our lab classes. For example:

  • What is the connection between Paracord, Lego blocks from Poland, clear plastic cups, onion roots, and microscopes? (Take our Cell Cycle class and find out!)
  • What do aspirin, red glitter, ammonia, washing soda, a micropipette, a Buchner funnel, and a head of red cabbage have in common? (Find out in our Young Scientist Intro to Biotech Tools class)
  • How are anthropology, saliva, and molecular biology combined in one class? (See our upcoming Salivary Amylase class in February)
  • And last, what does wood rot have to do with biofuels, medicines, toxic waste and gourmet cuisine? (Visit the Micro World Investigate Lab for a Thursday night class this Spring to find out)

The simple point we strive to make is that science is fun, intriguing, strange, beautifully mysterious, and most of all…RELEVANT to our daily lives.  We operate on the premise that if we can show “why should you care” you’ll enjoy science.  Possibly even love it.

So a heads-up for any of you looking for a reason to visit us: Our new Spring class line-up will be getting posted soon to the Museum’s website and will be in the next issue of the Museum’s Naturalist magazine. We would LOVE to have you in our lab, and consider it a good day when people leave happy with their experience!  Stay tuned!

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