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iLabs: A Return to Spirogyra – Curse of the Aquarium

October 21, 2012

So, from time to time we have posted on Spirogyra, especially in trying to find an answer for a visitor who had a pond overrun with it.

We posted some information, what’s generally available online, but are still continuing to hunt for better answers.

Our aquarium in the  lab, as well as my aquarium at home, are plagued with the algal curse. They may be pretty under the microscope, but for sure they are not pretty as they cover everything in my aquarium and choke my precious Elodea plants!!!

So to anyone out there interested in more information on Spirogyra (possibly even an answer to “What good is it?” 🙂 – my first search on this brought up the band, Spirogyra! ), know that we are continuing our hunt for information.


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