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iLabs: Biotechnology Community College Program

October 13, 2012

We had a visitor this morning in the Micro World Investigate Lab who just nailed the micropipette and iodine activities and had many questions about careers in biotechnology.
She seemed deeply earnest in her questions about the career possibilities, and how one could get trained.  I had mentioned about lab and pharmaceutical programs at Durham Technical Community College nearby, but she was from Burlington.

I came across this amazing information and in the hopes she will check our blog postings, here it is.

The Forsyth Technical Community College, right in Winston-Salem, has exactly the kind of training she is looking for and would be much closer to Burlington. There is a Careers in Biotechnology information page  on the college’s website.

Also, Forsyth Technical Community College is home to the National Center for Biotechnology Workforce.

From the college’s website I also found out they have expanded into Nanotechnology.

For further information this was on their webpage:

If you would like additional information about the Biotechnology Program, contact Alan Beard, Department Chair, at 336.734.7494 or

From the NC Community Colleges’ BioNetwork website, here are some quick facts on pharmaceutical and biotech jobs in the the state and at the bottom of that fact page is a “Contact” link to get further info on biotech and pharmaceutical programs available at NC Community Colleges.

From the NC Biotechnology Center website, there is page on training available statewide as well as a link at the top of that page for further info on community college and university programs.

So to our visitor, and to anyone interested in getting a new career in biotech, pharmaceutical, medical, research …..any of these areas, DO check out all that’s waiting to be discovered at our NC Community Colleges!!
And come visit us!!!! 🙂

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