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iLabs: Updates – Fred, and the Vinegar Eels & Two Mystery Photos

October 4, 2012

Just two quick updates this morning….and two mystery photos to ponder. Updates first.


You recall that our resident “Bonsai tree/Technology garden subject” had quite “the haircut” about a week or so ago. (For Fred’s story, click here ) I was worried that he might not make it given how much I removed from his canopy. Well, rest assured. Not only is Fred surviving, he is thriving. New growth has emerged on all his branches and he continues to grow.  At this rate I’ll need to trim him again soon!

bonsai tree new growth

Fred sports new light green foliage emerging from his “trimmed limbs.”

At the very least, next time I won’t have to pick up the pot to turn him around. I have purchased a bonsai turntable that allows me to smoothly turn him back and forth as I trim him. I hope that allows me to get more into the Zen of the task and proceed smoothly!

bonsai tree turntable for trimming

Here is the new Bonsai Turntable, the “Mighty Mini,” which can support up to 200 lbs…..though Fred is probably more like 2 pounds.

Vinegar Eels

For all our vinegar eel and apple cider vinegar experiment followers out there, as of last Friday, the score stands — 5 bottles of vinegar being watched (samples of each in both the dark and the light) and only one bottle has gone positive, one of the bottles in the dark. So rest assured — it is now 3 months and counting and only one sample has gone positive. I will continue to monitor the vinegar bottles and see if anything changes. I am betting on some change by 6 months. We’ll see if I am right.

And now, to get you ready for some upcoming new directions, here are two photos to ponder:

Mystery photo number 1

Mystery Photo #1

Mystery photo #2

Mystery Photo #2

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  1. curious permalink
    December 3, 2012 8:15 pm

    Hi, I am really interested in vinegar eel. I was homemaking apple cider vinegar from apple juice and today I removed the mother of vinega out. When I looked at my newly produced apple cider vinegar, I have noticed billions of moving worms. I was shoked not knowing what it was and how harmfull they are…. So I am following your experiment and wondering what will happen?

    • January 10, 2013 9:24 am

      Hi! First, my apologies for not responding sooner. I obviously missed your comment. I am glad you are following us and want to update you on things. I will be putting up a post shortly that notes that at 9 months only the one bottle of apple cider vinegar out of all the bottles I tested, that I purchased from the grocery store, ever went positive. All other bottles, whether stored in the light or the dark, and even a new bottle of the same brand that went positive for vinegar eels, all remain negative at this point in time. So that one positive result was a rarity. What I know of vinegar eels is that they are not parasitic, but free-living nematodes. Their eggs are everywhere in the environment – in the soil, water, etc. – so not a surprise that home-made cider vinegar might have them. Perhaps you can find instructions for how to pasteurize your vinegar? Boil it? And thus that might eliminate them. My best to you in your efforts!

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