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iLabs: What Are Those Things Moving Next To The Snail Embryos?

August 3, 2012

Getting back to the visitor questions on our Snail Week project:

While people were fascinated with viewing the snail embryos on our microscope, their eyes were also drawn to smaller moving creatures outside the embryos’ egg cases.

The small, darting and spinning circles on that slide were most likely Chilomonas. Given that our snail eggs came out of our pond tank in the lab, and our pond tank has a wide range of protozoan creatures, including and especially Chilomonas, that is the most likely one they were seeing.

Chilomonas are flagellates, a member of a Phylum group called “Mastigophora.” Chilomonas are one of a number of types of microscopic pond life.

There is even a Facebook page for Chilomonas paramecium that is cute and gives a simple overview of this protozoan.

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