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ilabs: How Long For Snail Eggs to Hatch

August 1, 2012

I have consulted several sources and what I’ve found is that most indicate an average of 12 days to 4 weeks for Ramshorn snails to emerge from their egg cases, and 8 days to 4weeks for the Physid snails. Given that these are the kinds of snails we have, I knew I was at least on the right track.

However, saying it was somewhere between a week and  4 weeks, depending on the variety of snail, seemed a bit broad for a time range,  so I did more digging.

The real variable is temperature. If it is average room temperature, it takes about a week for the snails to hatch.  I suspect that the 4 week ranges were environments on the cold side.

As to when do they reach adulthood, the sources I found all indicated an average of 4 — 7 weeks.


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