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iLabs: Where Did the Snails Put Their Eggs?

July 26, 2012

Today’s quick question from our “Snail Week” adventures:

Where do the snails lay their eggs?

The short answer is, pretty much anywhere in the tank. They often attach the eggs, which are in a clear, sticky gel mass, to stems and leaves of aquatic plants, as well as on the glass aquarium walls:

snail eggs on aquarium tank wall

A clear gel mass on the wall of our aquarium that contains small snail eggs

They even lay the eggs on the shells of other snail:

A ramshorn snail with a gel mass of eggs on its shell

Though it’s hard to see, this Ramshorn snail in our tank is carrying a gel mass full of snail eggs on its shell. If you find the top tentacle and move up and to the left, you can make out a clear gel mass on its shell. There are snail eggs in that gel mass.

Coming up soon, Spinning embryos, heart chambers, shell stats, and what ARE those tiny moving things next to the snail eggs?

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