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iLabs: Snail Baby Happenings and Visitor Questions

July 21, 2012

We have had some questions on our snails and right now I am researching several of them. I will be answering these over the next few posts along with putting up some photos. For now, here’s the list of questions I am working on. If anyone has any other questions they would like answered, just email or add a comment to this post.

1) How thick are the snail’s shells when the snails emerge from their egg and do they get thicker as the snail gets larger?

2) How do the shells form?

3) How do the snail shells grow and do they ever stop?

4) How long will the eggs take to hatch?

5) What kind of snails do you have?

6) Why do snail embryos spin in their shells?

7) What are the tiny things moving around in the liquid next to the snail eggs?

8) What do the snail embryos look like as they progress through their development?

The next post will cover some basic information on snails and their embryo development.  One of those links  is a great two-part post that chronicles the development of snails in one person’s aquarium and that family got so engrossed in watching the snail development, they forgot that they originally wanted to get rid of them. 🙂 So that’s coming up next.

After that:

What kind of snails do we have?  🙂

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