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iLabs: Our Snail Baby Project!!!

July 20, 2012

Congratulations are in order (again) for the Micro World snail “parents’ in our aquarium. We have snail eggs developing!!!  This time, we noticed the egg patch and are now doing a little project to monitor their development. We are taking photographs on our EVOS microscope every day, morning and afternoon, to check on their development and progress toward hatching. We will post this series soon so you can see the progression.

We invite everyone to come by and visit the patch of eggs we are monitoring on our aquarium tank, as well as the patch of eggs we are monitoring on the microscope.

Visitors have been asking questions about snails, snail shells and snail development, so we will be posting answers to visitor questions in the next couple of posts. Stay tuned for those!

To see an overview of the activities about this in the Micro World lab, here’s a quick video.

We have some egg patches on the side of our pond tank aquarium. And we took some of the eggs and are monitoring them on the microscope. If you look closely at the eggs on the microscope (some more videos will be coming soon as well as still photos) you can see the snail embryos moving around. As they move, the shell is sometimes in focus, sometimes the beating heart.

On some shots you can see one of the eyespots, a dark black dot on the front end of the body under the shell.

On our aquarium snails the eyes are on the head at the base of the two tentacles. There are some snails that have eyes at the ends of the tentacles, but our snail varieties have their eyes on their heads. The flat base under the tail is the snail’s foot. So if you’d like to watch this for yourself in person, come by and visit!

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