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iLabs: Micro World Mystery Photo – Creature of the Deep?

July 16, 2012

Well, perhaps I should say Mystery “Video.”

We received a gift in the Micro World iLab, from the aquatics department. Seems they have these tiny creatures of the deep taking up residence in the corner of an aquarium. We looked at it on one of our compound microscopes and feel it is a flatworm, though not certain of its specific identity. That will require some more digging.

But knowing that many of our readers enjoy the mystery photos, we shot this video on the spur of the moment — iPhone against the ocular of the microscope — to share with you. It required a bit of fiddling to get the small iPhone camera to pick up just the right spot in the eyepiece, but this was one of those “shoot it or lose it” moments, so no time to work out a more complex photo shoot. Consider this “edgy film—making! 🙂

When we find out any more about the identity of this worm, we’ll let you know!

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