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iLabs: Visitor Question — “Is Your Bioluminescence Activity Ready?”

July 15, 2012

Here is a nod to the visitor who came in a few days ago to see our bioluminescence activity that uses Pyrocystis fusiformis. It was “Under Construction” when she came in once before, and  she returned the other day specifically to check on that exhibit!!!

Well, we thank you for coming back to see us again. While we still have a few hurdles to tackle before the activity is totally open, we made significant progress (Thanks here due to my supervisor, Christy, the Coordinator of the Micro World Lab), and we are much closer to being ready.

In gratitude for your interest, persistence AND PATIENCE, here is first, a link that gives a good deal of info on Pyrocystis and bioluminescence.

Second, we prepared for you all a video preview of OUR Pyrocystis flashing away in the “night box” – the environmental box we are using to create a reverse day/night cycle for these creatures so our visitors can see the night-time flashing of these creatures, during the day. Just give us a little more time to finish it up, but it’s getting there!

So for you, and any other bioluminescence fans out there … you go!


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