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iLabs: Attention: Homeschool Parents—Museum’s Homeschool Day is August 28th!

July 14, 2012

We in the Museum’s Investigate Labs hope you will all join us on Homeschool Day, Tuesday, August 28th. It will give you all a clear, up-to-the-minute glimpse of what we can offer to you and your students.

The recent Homeschool Newsletter has information on upcoming Family Science classes for the Fall, how to register, and also mentions the upcoming August 28th Homeschool Day.  To read the newsletter, click here.

For specific information about Homeschool Day, how to register, etc. contact Barbara Beaman, or Debbie Huston,

Just an FYI—the list of Family Science classes for the Fall will be growing, shortly. Additional classes are being planned including:

  • DNA gel electrophoresis
  • Explorations of Photosynthesis and Transpiration using Vernier instrumentation technology
  • Introduction to the Compound Microscope and Freshwater Invertebrates
  • The Winogradsky Column Symposium
  • Introduction to Bacteria

Additional details will be coming soon! See you on the 28th of August!

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