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iLabs: Mushroom Farm Teaser

July 11, 2012

Today I am offsite at a fungi conference, and I will write more about fungi in our lab soon. Suffice it to say, today will be a revelling in the wonders that are fungi. There will be talk of Wood Rot fungi and how they play into the nutrient cycles of an ecosystem! A review of Chytrid and how it plays into the decline of amphibians. Chestnut blight. DNA mutations…it will be a day chock full of information all fungal in nature. Exciting for sure because it only adds more depth to the things we have planned.

Speaking of plants, there is also a post coming about our “mushroom farm” and how it fits in with our fungi endeavors.

But for now, just a couple of photos for  your day to give a glimpse of what’s happening…or should I say, “growing” in the  Micro World iLab!  Enjoy!

shiitake mushrooms growing on an oak log.

Ready for the harvest! Shiitake mushrooms growing in the Micro World iLab, on an oak log.

oyster mushrooms growing in a sawdust bag culture

Oyster mushrooms popping up in the sawdust bag culture.

Reishi mushrooms, antler form, sawdust bag culture

Reishi mushrooms coming up in the antler form, in a sawdust bag culture.

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