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iLabs: Why Fungi???

July 10, 2012

Fungi are weird, let’s face it. They’re not pretty flowers, lush green plants and many like to hang out on dead logs or under leaf litter. Why would anyone dig into that topic?

Well here’s some reasons, at least OUR reasons, aside from the fact that we think fungi are just flat out COOL:

– Food

– Fuel

– Forest Ecology

– Fungal bioremediation

– Fascinating Biology, Biodiversity, & Bioinformatics

– Fungi & Leafhoppers

– Fungal Evolution

Over the next several months we’re going to be delving into these topics, on our own, and in conjunction with our MicroGenomics researchers here, as well as other researchers. If you’ve ever wondered (and even if you haven’t) how fungi are food (not yuk,but yum!), why they are being studied for use in biofuel production and bioremediation, and what they have to do with leafhoppers, the health of forests, and biodiversity, which is a diverse list right there, we will show you!

Our efforts will result in new classes as well as some interesting table activities for the visiting public.

Since this is going to be a long-term endeavor – which means we will be learning together – here are the URL links that can bring up all posts on a specific topic:

To find any posts related specifically to fungi:

To find anything related to mushrooms:

To find anything related to biofuels:

Also, if you are reading any post and a specific topic interests you, at the very top of the posting, there are “tag words” on the right. Just click on the tag of interest, say “biodiversity,” and it will bring up all the posts on that topic.

In any event, all this and more, starting soon. Please join us on our journey!

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