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iLabs: Attention Homeschool Parents

July 5, 2012

I promised a mom who homeschools her children and asked about our programs, that I would post some information for her and other homeschool parents. In fact, we’ve had a number of homeschool parents come and visit us, and many have questions about what we offer to the homeschool community. The short version is A LOT, and we enthusiastically welcome our homeschool families!

We have had a number of classes over the years, in various programs such as Family Science classes, Young Scientists lab class series, etc.  Classes have included one-class offerings, such as Birds of a Feather & Nature’s Machines.  Lab class series have also been done:

1) a two-week class series on comparative anatomy, including performing dissections on a worm and frog, and viewing a fetal pig dissection

2) a one-week multi-day class to participate in the Shad egg hatching/fry-releasing program

3) a three-week class series on plant Mendelian genetics, including a flower dissection, albino corn exercise, probability exercises, Punnett squares, etc.

4) a three-week class series on bacteriology including gram staining slides and reading them, how to streak plates for isolated colonies, how to perform a bacterial soap sensitivity test

5) Other courses covered topics such as Mosquitoes – their life cycle, diseases caused; Blood parasites, Intro to immunology including learning to type blood, Cell biology and protozoans, Introduction to microscopy, Introduction to plants and trees, Basic lab techniques, including lab tools for volumes, weights and measures.

We will continue to offer such topics and NOW that we have our new labs in the Nature Research Center, the GOOD NEWS is we will be able to offer classes on a much more regular schedule AND expand our topic offerings.

And of course these are in addition to the classes in the main wing of the museum, such as Curiosity Classes etc. that will continue to be offered.

For some basic homeschool information click on the  museum website.

To sign up for the newsletter for educators (all educators including home-school educators), click here (in case you know anyone else and want to pass this on, just have them come to this post or give them this URL:

The museum also offers a special Homeschool Day to learn about all the possibilities available through our museum. For information on this or to receive a copy of the Museum’s homeschool e-newsletter, contact Barbara Beaman at

There will be future posts about coming events and new classes and activities. To get a list of all blog posts concerning homeschool news just go to:

Any other questions concerning class content, contact:

For general questions and registration, contact

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