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iLabs: Actually Lorax, trees can speak for themselves

July 2, 2012
Tree Log with Core

Come in and our coordinator will show you how to core a log! You may even be able to take home a souvenir.

We are happy to welcome a new tree log into the Natural World lab! This means fresh wood which will lead to good cores and a fresh piney smell.  Not only giving the tree’s age, tree cores can give insight into health and growth rate.  Here is a little more information about tree coring:

1. The study of tree cores is called DENDROCHRONOLOGY.

2. Tree coring a live tree does not kill the tree! Trees have an amazing ability to patch up any injury, including a hole from coring.

3. Rings are not made by summer and winter growth.  Deciduous trees do not grow in the winter because they do not have any leaves! Instead, early wood (the thicker, lighter ring) is made during the spring and dark wood (the darker, thinner ring) is made during this summer.  Trees grow fast when water is plentiful, spring, and slower when water is scarce, summer.

Tree cookies

Which tree is older? Remember that only the number of rings tell the age of a tree, not size!

4. Foresters can look for clues in the core to tell whether a tree is healthy or sick.  Tree health can be affected by insects, bacteria, fungus, humans and lots of other causes.

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