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iLabs: We Have Mushrooms!!!!

June 24, 2012

I stopped in the lab this morning to water the mushroom cultures, half asleep and expecting to do nothing but mist them and see nothing changed. But instead, I was shocked to be greeted by the following images on one of the logs pre-inoculated with shiitake mushroom spawn. WE HAVE MUSHROOMS!!!!!

Now all I have to do is see how long I can keep these going for harvesting, and see what the other 8 or 9 cultures do. All of this will be for a Fall/Winter public class we’re putting together: How to grow gourmet mushrooms from a kit at home…and succeed!!!

This particular mushroom culture is part of a bigger setup in our lab that we call: “The Mushroom Farm Experiment” I’ll write more later giving the whole story! But for now, check out our mushrooms!

shiitake mushrooms fruiting from hardwood log

Our shiitake mushroom log “blooming” or should I say “fruiting”!

shiitake mushrooms on a hardwood log

Shiitake mushrooms popping out everywhere!

closeup of shiitake mushrooms on a log

Here’s a closeup of our first mushroom “success”!

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