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iLabs: Eutely, or “Growing Up Rotiferan Style”

June 20, 2012

In her comment on The Dance of the Rotifers, Dr Maggie Ray noted that rotifers do not molt, but do something more like “expansion”:

“They have eutely so they have a set number of cells for life.  Their cells continue to grow bigger and are not replicated/divided.”

( From a web page by Jason LeBlanc called, “Rotifera” )

This quality is called “Eutely”:

“Eutely occurs when the initial embryonic cells each come with a limit for total divisions. After this limit is reached, the organism can only become larger due to cell enlargement rather than cell division. ”

(From the wiseGEEK web page: What is Eutely? )

Both pages, especially Jason LeBlanc’s page have good additional information worth checking out, and the Rotifera page also has more photos and video.

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