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iLabs: Snail Babies and Rotifers Bid You Welcome!!!

June 14, 2012
three snail larvae still in their eggs

Baby snails still in their eggs.
From our public Pond Creatures display, Wednesday, June 12, 2012

Just a “Welcome to our lab”  entry today. We are the  Micro World Investigate Lab, one of three Investigate Labs in the Nature Research Center — NRC for short — at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences here in Raleigh.

Our specialty is firing people up about the fun of science!!!  We do this with public activities, classes for the public, schools, homeschools and groups…and baby snails.  The other two labs are the Natural World Investigate Lab and the Visual World Investigate Lab.

As our name suggests, we deal with all things “Micro” so anything from bacteria to DNA, fungi to chemistry, that’s us. We’re all about fun while learning, so stay tuned for more updates soon.  Coming next – when DO vinegar eels hatch out of apple cider vinegar, and WHAT is a Winogradsky column????

*For lab schedules, classes offered etc., check the website.

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