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Pink River Dolphin

July 19, 2011

Another expert topic! This one by Rachel Earnhardt, our Pink River Dolphin expert!

Amazon River Dolphin name Wordle: Amazon.River.Dolphin, Bufeo.Colorado Pink.Dolphin Pink.River.Dolphin Bufeo Boto Rosa Boutu Nay Tonina Pink Dolphin Amazon.Dolphin Boto.Vermelho Inia Wee-Quacker Pink.Freshwater.Dolphin Pink.Porpoise Encantado Inia.geoffrensis dolphin

An Ode to the Amazon River Dolphin

These dolphins live in the waters of the Amazon river.
Of all the info about them, I only offer you a sliver.

This dolphin goes by a great many names;
However the animal is always the same.

Sometimes they are called Bufeo, which is terrific,
But they are known as Inia geoffrensis if you want to be scientific.

Their color is not what you might think,
It’s positively, undeniably pink!

Their neck vertebrae are unfused.
But why? Well I’ll explain if you’re confused.

This flexibility allows them to turn 180 degrees
Which allows them to eat whatever they please.

Like crabs, crustaceans, and fish
Small turtles are another favorite dish.

The pink dolphin certainly appreciate when it rains
Because they enjoy hunting in the floodplains.

So you must be wondering how to recognize these wonderful creatures –
Well just look for some of these features…

In length they range from 8.25 to 9.75 feet,
And they weigh around 200 lbs, which is pretty neat.

On their back they have a hump instead of a fin.
Well thanks for listening; I guess this is the end!

Rachel visits the Canopy Walkway for the first time.

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