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Scarlet Macaw

July 18, 2011

Each participant on the trip had an “expert topic.” They were assigned at orientation, and the expectation was that when we saw their subject, these new “experts” would shared what they learned with the rest of the group. Several people created very creative presentations. We plan to post a few of them.

Here is one by Karen Linehan

Scarlet Macaw

(To the tune of “Rockin’ Robin”)

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

Verse 1

She flocks in the treetops
All day long
Hoppin’ and boppin’
In the Amazon

All the little parrots
In the canopy
Love to watch Macaw
Hangin’ by her feet


Scarlet macaw (RAAH! RA-RA-RAAH!!)
Scarlet Macaw (RAAH! RA-RA-RAAH!!)

All the little parrots
Are really gonna flock tonight!

Verse 2

She got a bare face
And a double-hinged beak
Four pointed toes
On her grasping feet

A muscular tongue
And a tapering tail
She flies through the forest
Like a bright red sail

Verse 3

She eats fruit and nuts
And the buds of leaves
But her favorite food
Is the hard-skinned seeds

Sometimes these seeds
Have a toxic taste
So she flies to the river bank
And eats some clay


She chooses one mate
For life, you see
Raises up to 4 babies
In a hole in a tree

The babies have to grow
For a long ol’ time
Maybe two years pass
Till they say ‘good-bye’

Verse 5

Now the Scarlet Macaw
Has some trouble today
From deforestation
And illegal pet trade

We got to pull together
All across this land
Cause the Amazon creatures
Need a helping hand

(Words by Karen Linehan)


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    August 6, 2011 9:11 pm


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